The Transformation of Inis – Poem (mine)

The transformation of Inis Bumbleback
began on St. Patrick’s Day —  she collided
into a display of green colored milk.
She spoke in Shakespearean sonnets
after that, never pausing until the fourteenth line —
that end couplet gave her a sent of internal
satisfaction, like watching a dog urinate.
Most times, the sonnet related to what
was happening to her, but other times
no one could figure out what it meant.
Inis became a hermit, never leaving her house
for fear of someone telling her “Shakespeare
is for pussies!” or “You can compare me to a summer’s day
all you want, but it won’t pay for this candy bar.”
Eventually, Inis drank herself silly and fell asleep
in a bowl of soup. That’s what Shakespeare
will do to you, kids.


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