The Transformation of Inis – Poem (mine)

The transformation of Inis Bumbleback
began on St. Patrick’s Day —  she collided
into a display of green colored milk.
She spoke in Shakespearean sonnets
after that, never pausing until the fourteenth line —
that end couplet gave her a sent of internal
satisfaction, like watching a dog urinate.
Most times, the sonnet related to what
was happening to her, but other times
no one could figure out what it meant.
Inis became a hermit, never leaving her house
for fear of someone telling her “Shakespeare
is for pussies!” or “You can compare me to a summer’s day
all you want, but it won’t pay for this candy bar.”
Eventually, Inis drank herself silly and fell asleep
in a bowl of soup. That’s what Shakespeare
will do to you, kids.

The State of Things

Poetry is a daunting, scary thing to most people. Inaccessible and confusing, poetry is usually thought of as being dead.

But, it is alive, just barely. It lives on in song lyrics, plays, movies, fiction, and the visual arts. While the written word searches for its place in today’s digital market, poetry sits patiently, waiting for it to be appreciated by more than a select few.

The purpose of this blog is to bring poetry back to the masses, to raise awareness of poetic adventures across this great world of ours, and to hopefully be poetic in the process. There will be a lot of exploring and a lot of writing.

I hope you enjoy this experiment.